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Psychic Treasures Unlimited - Gallery

Welcome to our gallery where we showcase:

  • Places we’ve visited
  • Photos taken from our Classes
  • Paranormal sound clips (EVPs) we’ve captured
  • And much more…

Make sure you check back often to see where our journey takes us to meet new people, create memories and discover new things to share with you. Visit our Facebook page or Instagram account to see photos from out outings and adventures.

Our gallery is built on memories of this year, as well as years passed:


Two years later and still dealing with the challenges of Covid, which has taken us through many twists and turns, we are not letting things get us down! We are very excited about publishing our first book Three Gifted Women: Our Story, we are adjusted to Zoom and we continue to work on our classes and upcoming events. Stay tuned to find out what this year brings and the new places we may explore!


This year starts us off with continued challenges of Covid from 2020. We are hoping and looking forward to settling into a our new norm allowing us to gather again with everyone and create new memories. Check out our photo albums on Facebook:


A year of Covid and social distancing brought us all many challenges but we continued making memories and finding interesting ways to keep in touch.


This year we finished up preparing to release three new spiritual classes: Awaken Within, Energy Shielding, and Explore Dreams and Numbers.


2018 started with our Reiki practitioner visiting some cool haunted historical places. Also, Psychic Treasures Unlimited rolled out many awesome channeled classes. We ended the year with our annual Halloween event. Signature Design Photography offered some great photos with their green screen. So much fun!


2017 brought us to new places giving us new experiences and some historical paranormal findings. We had a great Halloween event and our Psychic Medium found herself being interviewed on the radio this year along with one of our Paranormal Investigator partners. We look forward to seeing what we find in 2018.


We took Psychic Treasures Unlimited on the road and visited Colonial Williamsburg, VA where it was full of history, old Spirits and lots of energy. We came back with quite a few impactful stories and lots of pictures.


As we explored more in the area of the paranormal and expanding our services to include Paranormal Investigations and House Cleansings, we were able to capture more sound bytes (EVPs) for our second year in a row at Allentown’s Witches Night Out.


Many exciting things for us happened this year including our first event, Witches Night in Allentown, NJ.



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